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Bloodhound: vanity project or energy leader?

Seven years in the making, engineers are finally putting together the first dry build of the near-legendary Bloodhound supersonic car – the British-based project to set a new 1,000mph land speed record.
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13 Oct 2015

Two mega-buildings tackle energy costs

The O2 Arena in London and Boeing's Everett factory in Washington are among the largest buildings in the world – one houses tens of thousands of spectators at a time, and the other is constantly…
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01 Oct 2015

How much power do nuclear subs use?

We take a look at some of the most demanding naval vessels to see just how much nuclear power they produced: the first nuclear submarine, the largest sub, and the latest development in aircraft supercarriers.
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12 Mar 2015

Go cashless to cut queues

With the recent introduction of contactless cards, it looks like a cashless revolution could well be on the horizon. There are currently 20 million pieces of Barclays contactless plastic alone in the hands of British…
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22 Jan 2015

Swansea tidal farm shows rise of renewables

With recent news of the Government's plans to support a £1 billion project in Swansea – one that harnesses the power of the ocean's tides – it seems that renewables are increasingly considered as serious…
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13 Jan 2015

Michelangelo gets the LED treatment

Can a change to LED lighting really make a difference to a classic work of art? The Vatican’s Sistine Chapel is one of the most important tourist art hubs in the world, drawing over 4…
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08 Jan 2015