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Induction, but not as you know it

On the face of it, ‘wireless electricity’ sounds like futuristic magic. But we've already had electric toothbrushes charging wirelessly since the early '90s, and the latest generation of smartphones – such as the Samsung Galaxy…
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08 Oct 2015

A Worthy Cause

We've teamed up with ethical energy consultancy UA to create the Nicest Job in Britain. The aim of the job is to help 45 charities or third sector organisations across the country in just one…
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06 Oct 2014

World must end dirty fuel use – UN

According to a recent UN report released this year, the world has to move away from carbon-intensive fuels to combat climate change – and fast. The 33-page study released in Berlin, says a ‘massive shift’…
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15 Jul 2014

Nissan NV200s the right choice for PH Jones

British Gas Business has taken delivery of 227 Nissan NV200 electric vans to deliver central heating and renewable energy services across the UK. This will modernise and make PH Jones commercial fleet super efficient.
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01 Jul 2014

Gab talks energy services

British Gas don’t just supply business energy. Our vision is to help people today and secure energy for tomorrow. Take a look at our video from the Managing Director of British Gas Business Services, Gab…
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20 May 2014