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How green is homeworking?

More of us are turning our backs on the daily commute and working from home all or part of the time. In fact, according to ONS statistics some 4.2 million of us work from home…
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23 Jun 2016

Mechatronics: robots in business

In the vast depths of Australia there are mines rich in valuable minerals, but a shortage of willing workers. Luckily for the Australians, there are new solutions to their geographic troubles.
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10 Feb 2015

Swansea tidal farm shows rise of renewables

With recent news of the Government's plans to support a £1 billion project in Swansea – one that harnesses the power of the ocean's tides – it seems that renewables are increasingly considered as serious…
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13 Jan 2015

Toyota TS040: A Next Gen Hybrid

Toyota has designed a new race car with more power, less weight and lower emissions. The TS040 Hybrid uses the most advanced technology in modern racing to improve efficiency and performance. Instead of batteries, the…
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09 Sep 2014

Virgin Atlantic – Saving energy in the air

Fuel efficient technology is big news for commercial airlines. We know we have a large carbon footprint, and we’re working hard to reduce it. We’re determined to continue working with the commercial aviation industry as…
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03 Jul 2014