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The world’s first do-it-all biogas plant?

The world’s first bio plant, using enzymes to handle unsorted household waste without prior treatment, will be ready in early 2017 – and it’s in the UK. Based in Northwich, Cheshire, it will be built…
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26 Apr 2016

Kite power

Turbines may get most of the attention when it comes to wind power but a British firm has just received £1 million of investment to develop kite power as a cheaper, more cost-effective source of…
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19 Apr 2016

Bloodhound: vanity project or energy leader?

Seven years in the making, engineers are finally putting together the first dry build of the near-legendary Bloodhound supersonic car – the British-based project to set a new 1,000mph land speed record.
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13 Oct 2015

Leave ‘battery anxiety’ on the ground

Air travel may be a must for some businesses (let alone holidaymakers in search of sun). But in the speedy digital age, there's something awkward about spending hours in a pressurised container with no legroom.
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14 May 2015

Toyota TS040: A Next Gen Hybrid

Toyota has designed a new race car with more power, less weight and lower emissions. The TS040 Hybrid uses the most advanced technology in modern racing to improve efficiency and performance. Instead of batteries, the…
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09 Sep 2014