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Who wants to live on Intelligent Street?

Self-powered streets and roads are becoming a reality, and the latest project to get the green light is ‘Intelligent Street’ in London’s West End. It’s actually called Bird Street, just off the hustle and bustle…
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28 Apr 2016

Marathon power

Forget wind and water, the new way to create power is human motion. This weekend sees some 38,000 runners take part in the London Marathon and according to research from the Royal Society of Chemistry…
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22 Apr 2016

An F1 car’s power equivalent

When you think of Formula One, speed, noise and powerful engines spring to mind. The charged atmosphere and enthusiastic crowds help to make motor racing one of the most popular sports in the world. But…
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22 May 2014

Green efficiency in the Vatican City

Pope Benedict XVI was known for many titles during his eight year reign. But the former leader of the Catholic Church had also been dubbed the ‘green’ Pope. Benedict believed we should cut carbon emissions…
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24 Apr 2014