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What happens to old rigs and tankers?

Sea-faring constructions are built to last. But when ships and drilling platforms finally reach the end of their careers – careers which can last as long as 30 years – their owners can't afford to…
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22 Oct 2015

Bloodhound: vanity project or energy leader?

Seven years in the making, engineers are finally putting together the first dry build of the near-legendary Bloodhound supersonic car – the British-based project to set a new 1,000mph land speed record.
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13 Oct 2015

Cohousing: a model for tough times?

From its early origins in 1960s Denmark to the hundreds of sites across the US and Canada, cohousing has always been about achieving a better lifestyle. It's a community-driven, sustainable and more affordable way to…
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27 Nov 2014