Team building activities for your business

When operating in a small business, or even a large one, it’s imperative to know that your team can work as a team. If everybody is siloed and doing their own thing, or just not keen to work with others, then it can cause real problems inside the operation.

In order to create a more positive culture within your organisation you may look to a number of things to boost cooperation including out of work social events, team lunches, or team building activities.

Social Events outside of work may be the preferred method of most but a lot of people don’t enjoy their work life bleeding into their social life and might prefer a divide between those parts of their lives. However, in cases like these there are plenty of team building activities that can be done in the office which are designed to promote communication and cooperation, helping you to build a stronger sense of community within your organisation.

Truth and lie

Truth and lie is a great game that can be easily learned and requires very little set up. Each person receives four slips of paper and should write down 3 truths and 1 lie about themselves, though the lie should be believable so as not to be completely obvious to everyone else.

Next go around the group and take turns reading out your truths and lie, when you are finished it’s everyone else’s turn to try and discern what the lie about that person was.

This task is a great way to encourage team bonding by encouraging potentially introverted employees to open up a bit more, whilst simultaneously allowing everyone involved to learn more about the people they share a workspace with. It also allows employees to learn about how they are perceived by others as they see which of their co-workers believed their lies.

Earth Ball

Earth ball may seem like a simple PE exercise but it’s roots actually run much deeper and is great for building a functional and communicative team. The game consists of standing in a circle and instructing the team to keep a beach ball in the air for as long as possible, without it ever touching the ground.

Despite its rudimentary appearance this game will eventually produce a natural flow in teamwork with employees knowing exactly when they need to step in and hit the ball, it also discourages chaotic working as if everyone runs in and starts hitting it then the game would be a total mess.

Through communication and teamwork you should find that not only are your employees enjoying themselves but they’re also strengthening their cohesion as a team.

Family Fortunes

This is an interesting take on an old gameshow classic that can really help your employees get to know each other and have a great time doing it. This game takes a little more time to set up but can have an incredible result.

First off you need to make a list of prompts but tailor them to the employees such as “x things y person might do on holiday” and have your employees answer them in a survey anonymously. Next you need to divide into 2 teams and take turns answering the questions, whoever guesses the most popular answers gets the point.

Whilst it may take some planning on your part, the result is often hilarious with everyone having an enjoyable experience, learning to laugh at themselves and others, and helps to break down any interpersonal boundaries within the organisation ensuring that your team will have a much better understanding of each other going forwards.



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