The nuptials of Harry and Meghan: Royal Wedding effect on Windsor

View of Windsor Castle, United Kingdom

The highly anticipated Royal Wedding is upon us! The world cannot wait to see Prince Harry of Wales marry Meghan Markle in what is sure to be an amazing event! Taking place on Saturday 19th May 2018, at St. George’s Castle in Windsor, the world is waiting to get a glimpse of not only the handsome prince but his beautiful bride as well. Fans from around the world have been speculating for months over the dress, Meghan’s hair and makeup and who will be in the bridal party.

The nuptials will take place at St. George’s Chapel on the grounds of Windsor Palace, where Prince Harry was christened. Under the supervision of The Lord Chamberlain’s Office at Buckingham Palace and Harry’s private secretary, Edward Lane Fox, the ceremony will begin at noon and there is expected to be a lovely tribute to Diana, Harry’s late mother, included in the ceremony. With several broadcasters showing the ceremony live, the world will be watching in awe as Harry and Meghan exchange vows.

How Will Windsor Adapt?

Preparations for the big day have been underway for a while in the small town of Windsor. With over 100,000 people expected to descend on the town and surrounding area, workers have been busy getting the streets cleared for the carriage procession that will take place as the newly married couple make their way back to Windsor Castle via the Long Walk. The town is looking festive with Union Jack Bunting and flowers lining the streets and procession route.

With pictures of the happy couple visible in many windows in the town of Windsor, the local authorities are calling it the wedding of the century. Fans from around the world are expected to arrive in London just ahead of May 19th to celebrate the event, bringing in approximately £12 million to hosts in the capital. In fact, Airbnb has seen over a 190% increase in guest arrivals compared to last year. Homeowners are also cashing in by pushing up rental prices for rooms in their homes to an all-time high.

The wedding will certainly have a large impact on Britain’s economy. Every business in and around Windsor is preparing for a huge increase in customers, from restaurants to hotels, and everything in between. Tourism will be positively affected by so many around the world choosing London as their annual vacation destination due to Harry and Meghan’s nuptials. Canada will also be introducing a new coin to mark the celebration.

The use of energy will see a tremendous increase immediately before, during and shortly after the event. With thousands of people planning to spend the weekend in Windsor, there will be a great increase in electricity consumption. As one can imagine, pulling off something that draws in TV viewers from around the world, not to mention the thousands in attendance, uses quite a bit of electricity! TV crews will need to bring in portable power in order to broadcast the wedding and festivities to the world. Organisations involved in pulling together the elements needed for such a large event are dedicated to maximising value without sacrificing the impact on the environment and grid.

The event compares in size to large sporting events, such as the Super Bowl. In that instance, the stadium or venue where the game is held needs to be equipped to support the equipment required to light up the field, locker rooms, concessions, suites, walkways, and more. Also, they must be equipped to support different devices which provide fans with food, heat, audio, video, and more. When you take into consideration all of the people watching the game at a restaurant, bar, and at home in all places around the world, that is a lot of energy usage! At NRG stadium, for example, the lighting system uses 337 kilowatts during large events.

Now that the Queen has given her official blessing for the royal wedding, and the rest of the Royals are ready to welcome Meghan to the wedding, excitement is running high not only in Windsor but around the world. Overall energy is high as everyone counts down to the big day, and business owners are working tirelessly around the clock to prepare. As final preparations are made in the upcoming days, fans will be lighting up the town of Windsor for the event that no one wants to miss!

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