What to expect from your commercial boiler installation

Hopefully by now, our dedicated team have organised and planned your boiler installation date, and are making sure that everything is ready and waiting to go on the day. Even so, having a new boiler fitted can feel like a big task, and you probably have a lot of questions before the big day.

We’ve put your most frequently asked questions to Shon, one of our commercial managers, so that you don’t have to. Read on so you know exactly what to expect during your commercial boiler installation.

Thanks for your time Shon. We have a lot of questions so let’s get started with a fairly easy one that we get asked all the time. Does someone from the business have to stay in while the installation is taking place?

Shon: That’s a tough one, as it really depends. We would recommend that a contact is on site at the time of the install, but if this is not possible, talk to us. Alternative arrangements can be discussed with our Installations team during the booking process and with the engineer on the day. Not having someone there may be okay for example if the business is open and operational when the new boiler is being installed – just talk to us. We just need to make sure the area where the work is being carried out is safe and secure.

Okay. So that’s fairly flexible then. What about the business heating and hot water – how will that be affected?

Shon: Well this will really depend on the current system. The heating and hot water will be affected, but the engineers will do their best to keep the disruption to a minimum. If the business has any special requirements or concerns then raise these with us during the quote process prior to your install day, and we’ll try to help.

What’s the likely time from start to finish for the whole installation to take place?

Shon: Right, this is the last one where it does depend, but unfortunately it does. Sometimes a new install can be completed in a day whereas other times it can take a few weeks. We will have given an estimated duration at the time of booking though, so just refer back to that.

Okay, that’s great. And what time can we expect the engineer to arrive?

Shon: Our engineers will aim to be on site at 8am on the day of the installation. They will usually work between 8am and 5pm every day unless otherwise instructed by you. Other hours can be discussed with our engineers if the job is close to completion though, so just speak to them when they’re on site.

Okay thanks, two final questions from me. How will the invoice be received, and do British Gas provide Gas Safety Certificates?

Shon: The invoice can be sent either by email or post – just let us know. This will usually be sent within 10 days of the installation being completed. In terms of a Gas Safety Record, this will be received at the time of the installation. We will also keep a copy of the certificate for our records.

Great, thanks Shon. That about covers all of the most frequently asked questions. If this doesn’t quite cover your question though, just get in touch!

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