Working from home – More energy efficient this Christmas?

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Christmas tends to be an expensive time for businesses and consumers. If your business doesn’t fulfil products or services during Christmas, then have you considered the costs you could save by working from home over the festive period?

Running your business at home rather than from the office could reduce your energy consumption and save you money. If you ask your employees to work from home too, you could close the entire office over the festive weeks.

Christmas savings you could make


Closing the office over Christmas means that you won’t have to heat the workspace, reducing your energy usage. It’s possible to claim the gas and electric you use while you’re working at home as a business expense too (for the cost of the area of your house that your workspace occupies).

Whilst working from home, you will be able to control the room temperature meaning that you can work at an optimum level that you feel comfortable with.


Turning off the lights in your office could cut your electricity costs by 15% – see more energy saving tips for around the office on our Energy saving posters. Using energy-saving light bulbs at home can also reduce your electricity bill as they have longer life expectancies than a traditional light bulb and use much less energy.

Food and beverage

With the staff kitchen facilities being closed and the kettle, microwave and cooker being out of use, you can also save on energy costs.


Working from home means that you won’t have to pay for an office cleaner to hoover and clean the workspace, which is means cash back in your business.

Staying professional

Working from home this Christmas shouldn’t be detrimental to your business. You can maintain a professional relationship with clients and offer to visit them in their working environment.

Giving staff members the permission to work from home shows that you trust them to work independently and maintain a professional attitude, potentially boosting team morale and productivity. Establishing clear lines of communication with your team will help keep staff motivated and focused.

If you do decide to work from home this Christmas, remember to turn off all office equipment. Rather than leaving monitors and computers on standby, switch them off at the plug. Also, don’t forget to switch off cold drink vending machines and water coolers. Switching them off will save money and energy, and reduce your carbon dioxide emissions.

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