Self-sustaining gyms

Businesses around the world are moving towards self-sustaining gyms, ensuring that when you get your cardio in at the gym you’re doing more than getting a good workout, you’re saving energy.

The Cadbury House Club, a health club in Bristol makes use of gym equipment that harnesses the energy produced during workouts, feeding the building’s power supply. The Cadbury House Club was one of the first gyms in the world to install the ARTIS Technogym machines.

ARTIS uses unique technology that reduces energy use, recycling and renewing energy. The human energy is rerouted into the network and renewed to feed the gym.

Self-powering gym workstations

More businesses may look to implement self-powering gym workstations in the office environment. A healthy lifestyle can improve your workforce productivity – encouraging business leaders to promote a healthier working environment.

Business leaders can now take the fitness concept further than cycling to work or heading out to the gym during lunch hours – with self-powering desk based exercise equipment. The idea behind self-powering gym workstations is that you can use them easily to include a ‘little and often’ exercise routine into your normal working day.

Office Fitness and other companies offer businesses a range of exercise equipment designed especially for the office. This equipment includes: under-desk steppers, mini-bikes and treadmills.

The Inside Trainer offers an upper body option, the OfficeGYM attaches to a standard desk chair’s back, with rubber resistance bands for exercises targeting at least 25 muscle groups. This allows three-dimensional exercises based on the principle of resistance training.

The value of self-powering workstations

The nine to five grind keeps many employees penned up at their desk, making exercise difficult to fit into an everyday routine.

Self-powering gym workstations don’t require energy and are friendly to the environment. Furthermore, encouraging fitness in the workplace can be extremely beneficial for employers.

Office exercise equipment such as the office fitness bike, have health benefits over inactive sitting for long periods of time. Endorphins are released during exercise, aiding employees with more self-confidence and energy – allowing them to have a more positive attitude when at work, and feel less stressed too.

By showing your employees that you care about their fitness levels you will boost morale – it demonstrates to your employees and colleagues that their health and well-being is important to the company they work for.

The future of corporate fitness

Workplace fitness is becoming the norm rather than a novelty. More companies are introducing either policies or activities that support and improve healthy behaviours. This makes employees feel valued and cared for; with less sick days, better productivity and overall more loyalty to a company. Adding gym workstations are a clear way to add healthy habits to a workforce.

In the future, we may see businesses including self-sustaining gym workstations into the office environment – rerouting workforce energy to feed the business. One thing to note is that any fitness initiative put into practice by a business should be voluntary and fun.


Image Credit: OfficeGYM

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