Energy saving for restaurants 

For restaurants and caterers, saving on business energy can help you concentrate resources on the plate 

Save your energy for kitchen and customer 

Use energy more efficiently

Follow our practical tips to reduce your restaurant energy consumption, stop wasting energy and start using it more efficiently.

Business energy saving

Upgrade to a smart meter

Smart meters are the clever way to measure your business energy use. Once your smart meter is connected and sending smart readings to us you'll receive accurate bills.

Smart meters

Get more control

Energy360 DataView is the free platform we've created to help existing larger business customers view their data – and ultimately – get better control over their energy consumption.

Energy 360 DataView

Refrigeration in restaurants

  • Keep fridge doors closed whenever possible
  • Regularly defrost and clean fridges
  • Check that the seals on cold rooms and fridges are intact
  • Keep the condensers and evaporators on your fridges and cooling equipment clean
  • If fridges only store fizzy drinks, turn them off after hours
  • When buying new refrigerators, AA++ rated units have the lowest running costs

In some sectors, up to 90% of energy onsite is used for refrigeration

Water management in restaurants

  • Check your water temperature is at 60°C – this keeps water hot and kills bacteria
  • Insulate hot water pipes to reduce heat loss
  • Spray water taps use less water than conventional faucets
  • Fix leaking taps as quickly as possible

Restaurants and kitchens use significantly more hot water for cleaning than any other sector

More ways to save

Adjust your routine at your restaurant and you could start saving money on your business energy bills.

Restaurant heating, ventilation and air conditioning

  • Ensure that systems are regularly serviced to optimise performance
  • Consider turning down thermostats to a comfortable level
  • Switch off kitchen extraction hoods when not needed
  • Match your heating timer to the times when rooms are in use
  • Air conditioning is rarely needed below 24°C

Zoned heating will keep customers and staff comfortable while saving the business money

Restaurant lighting

  • Encourage staff to switch lights off when they're not needed
  • Use movement detectors, time switches and daylight sensors
  • Replace traditional light bulbs with LED ones

Installing the right lights could cut your
lighting costs by up to 80%

More advice from the Carbon Trust

The Carbon Trust helps organisations contribute to and benefit from a more sustainable future through carbon reduction, resource efficiency strategies and commercialising low carbon technologies.

Download their free guide to help identify energy and cost savings which can be easily made with little or no cost, and explore energy hotspots such as heating, lighting and commercial equipment.

Carbon Trust - Better business guide to energy saving

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Business energy saving in winter

Business energy spending increases enormously in the winter, but we can help you make savings

Business energy saving

Energy help for micro businesses

The energy regulator Ofgem has set out a number of standards, rules and guidelines for all suppliers to help support micro businesses.

Help for micro businesses

Our latest blogs about energy efficiency

Explore practical strategies on our blog to enhance your business's energy efficiency and lower costs.

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