Commercial Plumbing and Drainage Care

Get your commercial plumbing and drains protected from £4 a month[1]

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Don't let problem plumbing or blocked drains disrupt your business

Running a successful business places great demands on your time. We can take away the stresses of dealing with plumbing and drains issues with our affordable Commercial Plumbing and Drainage Care.

Together with our sister company, Dyno Commercial, we have over 1,000 commercial plumbing and drains engineers covering the length and breadth of the UK. So if you need us, we won't be far away.

Why choose our commercial plumbing service?

Whether your business is large or small we can offer planned preventative maintenance contracts for  your commercial plumbing. We can look after business premises with up to 40 toilet bowls.

  • Local CRB checked and fully insured commercial plumbers
  • Experienced at handling and fixing issues for all sizes of business
  • Parts and labour costs included up to £1,000 (excl VAT)
  • 24/7 customer helpline, so we're always here for you
Service included Plumbing and Drainage Care Fixed Plumbing and Drainage Care
Price (monthly) From £4[1] From £8[1]
Call out fee £60 £0
Parts & labour included Up to £1000 Up to £1000
24/7 helpline

Service included Plumbing and Drainage Care Fixed
Price (monthly) From £4[1]
Call out fee £60
Parts & labour included Up to £1000
24/7 helpline
Service included Plumbing and Drainage Care
Price (monthly) From £8[1]
Call out fee £0
Parts & labour included Up to £1000
24/7 helpline

Commercial plumbing services

Dyno engineer in a commercial kitchen

If you have problems with the pipework and plumbing at your business premises, then you could be facing some challenges. This could range from a simple case of not having any hot water to bigger issues, such as flooding, that could shut down your business altogether.

Busy commercial kitchens and premises can make big demands on your plumbing systems. Fortunately, an experienced commercial plumber is always available to visit your business if you need them.

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Commercial drain services

Without your commercial drains being in good condition your customers and staff could lose access to sinks, toilets and showers. If drains get blocked or damaged, you could experience sanitation issues, such as sewer water backing up inside your property, or flooding outside.

This can create an unsafe environment and even legal issues. Customers might complain about the presence of strong smells and stagnant water.

Fortunately, our commercial drainage engineers are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so we’re always here to help your business if you need us

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Frequently asked questions

If I already have a problem with my plumbing or drains, can I buy Plumbing and Drainage Care?

A: If you have an existing problem with your plumbing or drains then you can't buy Plumbing and Drainage Care. Our sister company, Dyno will be able to offer you a no-call out fee repair. Visit Dyno's website for more information.

I already have Plumbing and Drainage Care and want to speak to someone

A: You can book a repair, or talk to us about your existing agreement on
 0333 202 9844*.

What's included in my agreement

A: We'll look after all repairs to the plumbing system at your business premises property. So whether you have a burst pipe or a faulty hot water cylinder, we're here to help. If you have a problem with blocked drains we'll be there to unblock them. We don't include repairing or replacing anything involving your central heating system. Full exclusions are detailed in your terms and conditions (pdf, 1.8mb).  

What's the difference between commercial and residential plumbing?

A: Residential plumbers have the skills and experience to handle problems in the home. But a faulty commercial plumbing system can present more problems. Businesses are often larger, meaning there's more pipes and outlets. Commercial premises often provide toilets and sinks for staff and customers meaning an increased demand that domestic systems don't have to manage.

What if I'm looking for a plan for my home or a home I rent out?

A: We can help protect your plumbing and drains at home. Visit our Homecare pages for more information.

* Call charges may apply

[1] All prices are based on a business premises with 10 individual toilet bowls. Prices quoted exclude VAT which will be charged at an additional 20%.To be eligible for Plumbing and Drainage Care and Plumbing and Drainage Fixed you must be looking for a maintenance contract for a business premises. The product is only available on sites with a maximum of 40 individual toilet bowls. Read our full terms and conditions (pdf, 1.8mb).