How do I change over to paperless bills?

Choose paperless bills

You can choose to only see your bills in your online account.  This means, you'll no longer receive bills in the post.

1. Log into your online account

Image of your online account summary

2. Click into the account you wish to opt for paperless bills.

Image of account page

3. In the "Billing" section you can slide to "Opt in to paperless billing"

In the image below "Paperless billing" isn't switched on:

Paperless billing switched off within settings

In the image below the slider next to "Paperless billing" is blue. This shows "Paperless billing" is switched on.

Image to show Paperless billing slider switched on within settings

If you have more than one account with us, you'll need to go into each account and select the "Opt in to paperless billing" so that its set to blue.

That's it. You'll receive an email to confirm you've opted into paperless bills.

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