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Our multi-meter business reward

To show how much we value your business, other benefits we offer include:

Direct Debit discount

  • 6% off your energy prices when you set up a Direct Debit.

Flexible contract lengths

  • Our Fixed Price Energy Plans can run from six to 36 months.

Easy account management

  • Online accounts to make looking after your energy plan simple.
George's £400 reward

George's £400 reward

George was an existing customer of ours, a business owner with five coffee shops.

Only one coffee shop had its energy supplied by us, but he switched his gas and electricity supplies from his four other outlets.

This was a switch of eight separate supplies and – based on the energy consumption – he was rewarded with £50 for each supply.

Laura's £250 reward

Laura was an existing customer of ours, a business owner with two chip shops.

We were only the suppliers for the electricity at one chip shop, but Laura chose to switch her gas supply to us. She also switched the gas and electricity at her second shop to us.

Based on energy consumption figures, she was rewarded with £50 for the gas switch from the first chip shop. She was also rewarded with £100 for each supply shift at the second shop.

Laura's £250 reward
Lee's £400 reward

Lee's £400 reward

Lee was an existing customer of ours, a business owner with a printing company.

We were already providing his business gas, but he chose to also switch his electricity supply to us.

Based on his energy consumption figures, he was rewarded for the electricity switch with £400.

[1] The reward amount is based on consumption levels. The average payout is £100. This multi-meter reward offer applies:

(i) to existing customers registering one or more new gas and/or electricity supply point/s with us. They must have a minimum annual gas consumption of 15,000kWh and a minimum annual electricity consumption of 5,000kWh. Also to new customers registering more than one supply point with us; (ii) to fixed price contracts of 12 months or more; (iii) per supply point with a credit of between £50 and £400, to be calculated based on our estimate of your consumption through the supply point during the first year; and (iv) subject to our usual customer acceptance procedures (including credit checks) and Terms and Conditions of business. New supply points with electricity meters with profile class 00 are explicitly excluded from this offer. This offer does not apply if our ‘domestic’ or ‘large and corporate’ terms apply. This offer is non-transferable, cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers, and cannot be exchanged for cash or for other financial value. We reserve the right to change or withdraw this promotion at any time without giving notice and reasons. See our full Terms and Conditions.  

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