Business energy news - Autumn 2021

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Last Updated: 09th November 2021

The energy market has changed significantly in September

The wholesale energy market has seen an increase of global prices since last winter. As the economy is bouncing back after the pandemic, the demand for energy is increasing. Other contributing factors are low gas storage levels in Europe, a colder than normal spring this year, UK power plants being out of action and low wind from wind turbines. Some smaller suppliers have ceased trading, because they can't afford to buy energy at the current cost

Our financial position is robust

As one of the biggest business energy suppliers in the UK, we've purchased large volumes of energy in advance for our business customers over this winter. This is known as hedging. We're trusted to supply more than 450,000 business sites in the UK and we'll keep your business powered this winter. We want to reassure you that we’re here for you during this unsettling time.

I was a business energy customer of PFP Energy or People's Energy

Ofgem have appointed us to take over your business energy supply from some suppliers who have stopped trading. We welcome our new customers and we’ll make the switch to us as smooth as possible. If you’ve recently joined us from a supplier which has stopped trading, we’ve produced a guide to help answer your frequently asked questions.

 If you are a PFP Energy customer, please read our latest update or contact PFP Energy directly

 If you are a People's Energy customer, please read our latest update or contact People's Energy directly.

Will my prices go up?

If you're already a British Gas business customer:

Variable Price Plan, 30-day rolling energy plan, Deemed rates and out-of-contract prices

Check out our full range of business energy plans to see if there’s something better suited to your business.

Fixed price energy plans

If you've agreed a fixed price energy plan then your standing charge and unit rate is fixed for the duration of your contract. It will not increase, unless you choose to change your tariff, change how you pay us - for example you stop paying by Direct Debit - or the government or regulator does something that means the price must change - for example, changing the amount of VAT we have to charge you.

If your fixed price energy plan is due to expire, then we'll send you a renewal offer around 60 days before your current plans ends. You can also see details of our renewal offer in your online account. Agreeing a new fixed price energy plan will mean that you don’t transfer onto our Variable Price Plan and lock your prices for the length of your contract.

Help us make sure we bill you accurately

If you're already a British Gas business customer, then remember to give us an up to date meter reading so we can send you accurate bills and you'll only pay for the energy you use.

If you have a smart meter, please check your bills in your online account to make sure your readings are 'actual'. This means we’ve got the meter reading automatically from your smart meter. If your bills shows your meter readings are 'estimated' please give us manual meter reads whilst we fix your smart meter.

I'm struggling to pay my business energy bill

We understand there may be times when your business finances are under pressure. If you're finding it difficult to pay your energy bills and need support, please visit our help and support guide for more information and ways we can help get you back on track.

How can I use less energy in my business?

Reducing how much energy your business uses doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. We've pulled together hints and tips based on the type of business you run to help you save.

Centrica set to 'shine a light' on green energy start-ups at COP26

The role of technology and innovation in tackling the climate challenge is at the heart of Centrica’s programme for COP26, as the company today outlined initiatives aimed at unlocking potentially transformative energy ideas from entrepreneurs and communities at the Glasgow summit.

Centrica is the exclusive partner for the Tech For Our Planet challenge at the Glasgow summit. Delivered in partnership with PUBLIC and the Cabinet Office, the programme is designed to explore and showcase how digital and data solutions can make essential contributions to the global climate effort. Successful startups will pilot and showcase solutions that are aligned to government priorities and net zero targets.

The programme covers a number of climate challenges from how technology can be used to drive more sustainable consumption within the home to supporting aquatic ecosystem protection, including ecosystem recovery and preventing biodiversity loss.

Centrica will also announce the latest round of grants from its Energy for Tomorrow social-impact fund. Four Scottish community and charity organisations will be awarded grants of up to £100,000 to help fund activities that fight climate change. It’s the latest round of grants awarded by the fund, which has previously supported an organisation specialising in remote thermal surveys and another building innovative thermal shutters.

One Centrica-backed organisation that will showcase its potential in Glasgow is SNRG, which will open the doors to a zero-carbon modular ‘home of the future’ featuring the latest home energy management technology.

The SNRG (pron: synergy) house has been built at the Construction Scotland Innovation Centre in Hamilton and will be equipped with the latest in passivhouse design, Hive technology and smart heating products, including the Centrica backed Mixergy hot water tank.

Chris O'Shea, Centrica Group Chief Executive, said: "The existential threat of climate change requires new technologies, new thinking and renewed determination and our programme at COP26 is designed to shine a light on and provide support to companies and communities that can accelerate our response. The time for procrastination has been and gone and these two weeks in Glasgow present an opportunity for business, tech and governments from across the globe to accelerate progress towards Net Zero."



Energy for Tomorrow (EfT) - is a not-for-profit social impact scheme established by Centrica with a mission to help tackle climate change and empower communities and entrepreneurs who have initiatives that can deliver affordable, accessible and sustainable energy solutions for all. It aims to advance green innovations and community projects that will help the country reach net zero. As well as funding, EfT also offers mentoring expertise and support to initiatives that can help accelerate the energy transition and enable a more inclusive and sustainable future for our communities.