Feed-in tariff for businesses


What are business feed-in tariffs (FiT)?

Feed-in tariff is a:

  • Cashback for generating green energy
  • Financial incentive for business customers to generate their own low-carbon energy
  • Government backed scheme also referred to as Clean Energy Cashback

Why should my business invest in generating green energy?

  • Save your business money on your energy bills
  • Earn income from the renewable electricity you generate
  • Improve your green credentials and help the environment
  • Any FiT payments are in addition to the savings you make by generating your own business electricity

How does the feed-in tariff work?

You're paid for every kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity you generate from a renewable or low-carbon source, such as solar PV (photovoltaic), even if you use it. You can also be paid extra for the electricity you don't use, as it'll be fed into the National Grid.

Once you're registered your FiT payments are made quarterly, providing you give us regular meter readings.

How do I know if I’m eligible to receive feed-in tariff rates?

As British Gas we're happy to support renewable energy projects. We're a government backed FiT licensee, we can register and make FiT payments to businesses who qualify.

You can sign up to the FiT scheme if you're:

  • A customer who produces their own electricity from a renewable source
  • An existing customer
  • A customer of an energy supplier who isn't a feed-in tariff licensee

Your installation must be:

How do I register for the feed-in tariff?

Your business can register for FiT by filling out our application form

Feed-in tariff application form
(PDF, 125kb)

Once you've filled the form in, email it to customer.service@contactus.britishgas.co.uk with all the necessary documents scanned and attached.

Or you can post your form and documents to:

Feed-in tariff
Winnall Down
Alresford Road
Hampshire SO21 1FP

What are the feed-in tariff payment rates?

To see the latest rates offered by feed-in tariffs, see the Ofgem website.

Related documents:

British Gas business feed-in tariff terms and conditions policy
(PDF, 1635kb)

British Gas business feed-in tariff customer confirmation
(PDF, 2081kb)

British Gas business feed-in tariff privacy policy
(PDF, 184kb)

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