Help with paying my business energy or service bills

To get you to the right place, are you a business energy customer, or do you have a business service contract with us?

We understand there may be times when your business finances are under pressure and particularly during the coronavirus outbreak. We're committed to treating all our customers fairly, so if you're struggling to pay your business energy bills, we want to help you get back on track.

Make a payment or follow our advice below to help you clear your outstanding balance and pay for your ongoing energy in a way that you can afford. If you still need support just contact us, or complete our online form and one of our team will be in touch.

Not a business? Go to our British Gas residential website for help.

How can I reduce and manage my business energy bills?

1. Only pay for the energy you use

If we don't have an up to date meter reading and you don't have a smart meter, your bills will be estimated and you may be paying more than you need. Give us a meter reading to get accurate bills. See our help page if you need help reading your meter.

2. Spread your energy costs

With a Direct Debit you can spread the cost of your business energy and any outstanding balance over 12 months. You could save up to 7% off the cost of your energy [1].

We offer Fixed and Variable Direct Debits. With a fixed Direct Debit You'll pay the same amount on the same day every month. With a Variable Direct Debit you’ll just pay for the energy your business has used that month or quarter.

3. Use less energy

If your business is temporarily closed, then turn off lights and any non-essential equipment if your premise isn’t occupied.  

If your business is open, but you’re working with reduced staff, then think about the way you’re using your business premises. Close off any areas not in use, keep heaters, radiators and air vents clear and avoid draughts by closing doors where you can.

See our energy saving advice for more tips.

4. Agree an affordable payment plan

If you can't afford to pay what you owe, or if you're struggling with a back bill that you've received from us, we may be able to offer you longer payment terms.

What you'll need before you contact us:

  • Your account number
  • A brief reason for your business debt
  • Your monthly energy use in kilowatt hours - you can find this on your bill
  • Evidence that your business can meet the repayments, such as company accounts

More ways to reduce your energy costs

Reduce the amount you’re being charged for your energy

If you're on our standard variable or deemed prices, you're out of contract and paying our more expensive rates. This might've happened if you've moved into business premises that we supply, but haven't agreed a new contract.

You can reduce your rates with a fixed price energy plan for 1, 2 or 3 years. Then you'll know how much you're paying each month.

Reduce your VAT rate

If you're a charity or not-for-profit organisation, you can apply for a reduced VAT rate and remove Climate Change Levy from your bill.

Further support for businesses impacted by Covid-19 is available on the Government website.

Independent help

Find out about the independent help available to your business if you're having trouble paying.

Free, impartial and confidential debt advice for small businesses and the self-employed. Part of the Money Advice Trust.

Free, independent, confidential and impartial advice on consumer issues.

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[1] This will be shown as a discount line on your bill. Large customers on our Corporate terms, customers who move to our variable prices or whose variable prices have changed and those we've price matched do not qualify for a Direct Debit discount. Customers who are already in a fixed term contract on or before 17 May 2017 could save up to 6%.