Reading my bill


How do I know which property a bill is for?

You can tell which property the bill is for from the address at the top of the bill.

See an example of a bill

If the address is wrong, please contact us (select 'I'd like help with - My account and billing' and then 'My enquiry is about - Name and address change') and we'll update our records.

I've received an invoice headed 'cancel/rebill'. What does it mean and what do I need to do?

Instead of getting a separate credit note  and revised invoice, you may receive a 'cancel/rebill' invoice, which is a combination of both.

This happens when you’ve submitted a meter reading after an estimated bill.

If you've already paid the original bill, ignore the 'cancel/rebill’ invoice. We’ll put credit into your account if you've overpaid.

If you haven’t paid enough, then your outstanding balance will be brought forward and we’ll show this on your next bill.