Submitting my meter reading


How do I submit a meter reading?

It's easy to update your meter reading.

If you have an online account, you can submit a reading easily online

If you don't have a British Gas business online account, you can submit a reading here:

Submit your meter reading

I've got lots of meter readings to submit. How do I do it?

If you've got more than one meter reading to submit please contact us.

You'll need a recent bill to hand, and the readings from the meters that you need to submit.

If you've got an online account, you can submit a meter reading online.

I submitted a meter reading and got a message saying it’s not what’s expected. What does this mean?

You'll get this message if your meter reading is higher or lower than we'd expect. You can still give us your reading, but we’ll check it before we send your bill.

I'm having problems reading my meter

If you have a smart meter we'll automatically take your meter readings. Find out more about smart meters

How to read your electricity meter

How to read your gas meter

I'm having problems submitting my meter reading

It sounds as if there's a technical problem, please contact us.

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