Register for an online account

Why should I register for an online account?

It’s the easiest and quickest way to manage your bills, meter readings and payments.

With a few clicks you can:

  • View and pay bills online anytime 24/7   
  • Submit meter readings meaning you’ll get accurate bills and only pay for the energy you use
  • Set up and manage Direct Debits payments

The benefits include:

  • Find out your balance without the need to call
  • Receive email reminders for meters read and renewals
Register for an online account to manage your business energy. Person typing on laptop with coffee.

How do I register for an online account?

Go to the Register page and follow the instructions. Remember to have a recent bill to hand as we may will ask for:

  • Account number
  • Site postcode
  • Phone number

If you've just joined and don't have a bill yet, your account number and site postcode can be found in your welcome letter.  You'll have received your welcome letter with your order confirmation pack.

Where can I find out about adding users to access to my online account?

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