Register for an online account

Why should I register for an online account?

It’s the easiest and quickest way to manage your bills, meter readings and payments.

With a few clicks you can:

  • View and pay bills online anytime 24/7   
  • Submit meter readings meaning you’ll get accurate bills and only pay for the energy you use
  • Set up and manage Direct Debits payments

The benefits include:

  • Find out your balance without the need to call
  • Receive email reminders for meters read and renewals

Save time with an online account

Online meter readings, bills and payments put you in control of your business energy. It's easy and secure.

How do I register for an online account?

Go to the Register page and follow the instructions. Remember to have a recent bill to hand as we may will ask for:

  • Account number
  • Site postcode
  • Phone number

If you've just joined and don't have a bill yet, your account number and site postcode can be found in your welcome letter. You'll have received your welcome letter with your order confirmation pack.

Read our Online account terms of use for when you register for an online account.

Where can I find out about adding users to access to my online account?

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