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Manage your business energy online any time

Its the easiest way to take care of your bills, meter readings, payments, energy consumption and more.

Not a business? Go to our British Gas residential website for help.

Why should I set up an online account?

You can register for an online account in just a few minutes. Once set up you’ll be able to:

  • View and pay bills online anytime 24/7
  • View your balance and statements without the need to call  
  • Submit meter readings meaning you’ll get accurate bills and only pay for the energy you use
  • Receive email reminders when your meter reads and renewals are due
  • Set up and manage Direct Debits payments
  • View your energy usage to help you manage your costs

Save time with an online account

Online meter readings, bills and payments put you in control of your business energy. It's easy and secure.

How do I register for an online account?

Go to the Register page and follow the instructions. Remember to have a recent bill to hand as we will ask for:

  • Account number
  • Site postcode
  • Phone number
  • Email address

If you've just joined and don't have a bill yet, your account number and site postcode can be found in your welcome letter. You'll have received your welcome letter with your order confirmation pack.

Read our Online account terms of use for when you register for an online account.

Super users and standard users explained

If more than one person needs access to your energy accounts online

You can have up to 200 users managing your energy accounts online. This means you can create views and assign users to those views. See section 'How can I create and manage users in my online account?'

There are two role profiles that users can be assigned:

  1. Super users have access to manage all the energy accounts in an organisation. They're also responsible for managing other users. They can create, edit and deactivate other users as well as manage which energy accounts users can manage online.
  2. Standard users have access to manage all of the energy accounts in an organisation. They don't have access to manage other users. Standard users can have their view or role profile changed by a Super user.

If you want your role profile or view changing, please contact your Super user. If you're unsure who to contact you can chat with us for help.

How can I create and manage users in my online account?

Creating and managing users

Super users can create and manage others user's online access to manage their energy accounts online.

To access the feature to create and manage your users, log in to your online account and select 'Manage'. Then select 'Manage users'.

To add another user, select 'Create new user' and follow the steps.

To edit a user, select 'Edit a user' and select the user you want to manage. You can't make any changes to your own log in details here.

When editing a user you can:

  • Set them to active or inactive
  • Change their role profile
  • Change their view


Creating and managing views

Super users can create and manage account groups. These are called 'Views'.

To access the feature to create and manage your views, log in and select 'Manage'. Then select 'Manage users'.

To create a new view, select 'Create a new view' and follow the steps.

To manage a view, select 'Manage views'. Here you can see the view name, the account numbers in the view and the users who have access to the view.

To delete a view, the users in the view must be assigned a different view. To re-assign the users to a different view, follow the steps to edit a user. Once all users have been assigned a different view, go back to 'Manage views' and click the delete button to delete the view.

How do I add missing energy accounts?

In most cases, your energy accounts are grouped together into a single customer record. This enables you to register once and access them in the same online account. However, there are times where you may have more than one customer record. We call the customer records 'Organisations'.

If you find there are accounts that are missing from your online account, you can add a second organisation.

1. Log in to your online account and select 'Manage', then select 'Add energy accounts'

2. Enter an account number and site or billing postcode

3. Answer the security question

Your new organisation has been added and you'll be taken to the organisation selection page.

If you find you have further energy accounts missing from your online account, you'll need to create a new online account with a new email address.

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