Sustainable energy for business

Helping UK businesses on their pathway to a low-carbon future

Sustainable energy for business

Helping UK businesses on their pathway to a low-carbon future

We help you deliver on your sustainability targets

Our energy experts will help you reduce your carbon emissions

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges the world faces today and as a result the energy landscape is changing. Businesses have a critical role to play in reducing their carbon emissions so we can achieve a cleaner, greener, future.

As the UK’s leading business energy supplier - part of Centrica plc - we're constantly innovating to bring you fixed, flexible and renewable electricity and gas supply solutions to help you buy and use energy more efficiently and reduce your carbon footprint.

With our specialists in Centrica Business Solutions we can work with you to help identify your future energy requirements and provide integrated energy solutions such as EV enablement, solar, heat pumps and batteries to improve your energy efficiency and be more sustainable.

Your partner to a low carbon future

 Trusted business energy and services provider

We supply energy and services to more UK businesses than any other provider.

 Certified renewable electricity

100% renewable electricity, certified by the Carbon Trust and carbon neutral gas.

 Flexible energy plans and procurement strategies

Fixed and flexible energy supply options that enable optimised usage and efficiency.

 Experts in sustainability

Our specialists and integrated energy solutions will help you balance your costs and environmental impact.

Become a sustainable business with us

We're focused on a low carbon future, which is why we want to change the way you think about energy and carbon emissions, and help you achieve your net zero goals. Everyday our experts help customers get renewable energy plans, install electric vehicle charging points and deliver energy efficient solutions tailored to their needs and budget, moving them closer to a low-carbon future.

Renewable business energy

Renewable business energy

If you use more than 150,000 kWh of gas or electricity then choose renewable business energy to reduce your carbon emissions. We have a range of renewable and green energy options to suit your business.

Fixed and flexible purchasing contracts

Fixed and flexible purchasing contracts

For larger businesses spending over £300K on energy we offer a range of contract options to fix your prices or buy all or part of your energy flexibly. With consolidated billing and online account visibility, you're in control of your energy use and spend.

Electric vehicle charging

Electric vehicle charging

We've installed over 3,500 commercial electric vehicle charging points. With help to access funding, flexible finance options, and a fully managed service, its now easier than ever to become EV ready and unlock the benefits for your business, customers and employees.

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Guiding you on your path to net zero

Integrated energy solutions from Centrica Business Solutions

Centrica Business Solutions partners with organisations around the world and across industries to help them reduce their carbon emissions and achieve their sustainability goals.

With our specialists at Centrica Business Solutions, we deliver efficiency, resilience and sustainability through integrated energy solutions that make the most of technologies such as solar, heat pumps and batteries.  Together we can shape an energy solution that balances your costs and environmental impact.

Why is sustainability important?

Government, consumers, investors and employees are more aware of the impacts of climate change than ever before and people are choosing greener businesses for the supply of goods and services and even as a place to work.

Organisations who harness the latest energy technologies to help reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and achieve carbon neutrality are more likely to benefit from improved profitability, enhanced brand reputation and greater business resilience.

Net zero explained

Learn more about why net zero matters to your organisation and what you can do to improve both your cost and carbon performance.

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Centrica's commitment to becoming a net zero organisation

Recognising the urgent need to make net zero a reality, we're accelerating our commitment to be net zero by 2045, five years ahead of its previous target and the UK deadline. We're also pledging to help our customers be net zero by 2050.

Centrica commits to be net zero by 2045

British Gas business together with Centrica Business Solutions have the knowledge and expertise to help you to save, reuse and manage your energy sustainably. We want to support you in your journey to reducing your carbon footprint - whether you already have an agreed action plan or you're just getting started.

Sustainable energy business solutions

Make money from your own renewable electricity

Make money from your own renewable electricity

Smart Export Guarantee

The Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) pays business customers for renewable electricity they’ve generated and put into the grid. You can benefit from generating your own renewable electricity and help Britain to reach net zero by 2050.

Environmental taxes and incentives

To address climate change, the UK government has put in place several environmental tax and relief schemes. These are designed to encourage businesses to be more energy efficient and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Climate Change Levy (CCL), an environmental tax on commercial energy use. Suppliers take payment on behalf of HMRC and add it to your energy bill

If you’re an energy-intensive organisation, you may also need to participate in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).

There’s are a variety of mechanisms to ensure that the energy network can transition to low-carbon generation. The Government collects the necessary funds for this through charges and taxes. You may know these by their technical labels, such as CCL, DUoS, BSUoS, TNUoS, CM, CfD, RO, and FiT. These non-commodity costs are likely to rise in the future. However, a robust energy strategy can help you manage them effectively.


With so much demand on your business finances, it is important to know where the government offers support for adopting energy efficiency measures.

  • The Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme allows you to write off the full cost of qualifying energy efficient appliances from your taxable profits in the year of purchase.
  • If you’re an energy-intensive organisation, you can apply for a Climate Change Agreement (CCA). In exchange for achieving specific efficiency targets, you can receive a discount on your Climate Change Levy (93% on electricity and 78% on other fuels).

There’s a range of government incentives available to help business become more sustainable. It’s worth researching these, as it can make investing in sustainable options more affordable. For some installations we may be able to help with finance options too.