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Easy switching

  • Your simple, hassle-free switch should be complete within 21 days.

Fixed electricity prices

  • Guarantee the cost of business electricity as market prices fluctuate.

Flexible terms

  • Choose from our one, two or three-year Fixed Price Energy Plans.


  • Whether you're a small business or multi-national, we have the experience to help.

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How does business electricity pricing work?

A British Gas business electricity employee

Business electricity prices aren't calculated in the same way as domestic ones and plans are set up differently.

Unit prices of business electricity may be cheaper than those paid by domestic users because of the amount of energy  used. However, most domestic customers pay a lower rate of VAT on electricity than businesses.

Pricing is based on your business size and electricity consumption. It may be calculated on a fixed or a variable rate tariff.

A fixed business electricity price plan offers set unit prices for a defined period of time. The contract length is usually between one and three years.

Compare types of business electricity contract

Fixed term plans

  • Guarantees the unit price for a set period of time
  • Plans usually run for between one and three years

Variable rate plans

  • Unit prices can go up or down, but are typically costlier than fixed-term rates
  • You can give notice to switch to another plan or supplier

Out of contract rates

  • Likely to be more expensive than either fixed or variable rate plans
  • You’ll only be moved onto these rates in exceptional circumstances

Deemed rates

  • Usually the most expensive business electricity tariffs
  • Speak to your supplier and you should be able to switch from deemed rates within a short period of time

Compare business electricity prices

You could save money by shopping around

  • Are you a new business that hasn’t looked at its electricity price plan?
  • Have you recently moved premises and stuck with the existing supplier?
  • Has your fixed term business electricity contract run out?

Shopping around for business electricity could really improve your bottom line, while finding the right plan can also help with budgets and planning.

How do I compare business energy quotes?

Get a quote online or speak to one of our advisers. Then compare the business electricity contract we can offer to your current deal.

To help with your comparison, it's useful to have up-to-date meter readings and to be aware of how long your current contract has left to run.

If you want to take your business electricity comparison further, get quotes from other providers then make a table that will help you consider things such as:

  • Contract length
  • Business electricity rates
  • Services and any other benefits

Business electricity comparison sites and brokers

Help searching for the right contract

Online comparison sites can be a good starting point in your search for the right deal. However, an online business electricity comparison service isn't quite as straightforward as a domestic one. This is because:

  • Businesses must be credit checked
  • Suppliers don’t routinely publish all their tariffs
  • Contract length and other details are often based on a negotiation

An online comparison service can be helpful, but you might find that speaking to someone is easier and gets you access to a wider choice of deals.

For these reasons and others, many businesses choose to speak to a supplier or broker when arranging an electricity contract. For more information on business electricity comparison, try these independent guides from Ofgem, the government’s energy regulator.

Ofgem switching guides

What if I want to switch electricity supplier?

Switching is easy, it should be completed within three weeks and your new supplier should do most of the leg work.

Find out more about how to switch business electricity on our dedicated page.

Business energy switching process

What if I’m tied into an existing contract?

Read your terms and conditions with care, but it’s possible that you may not be able to switch contracts for a set period of time.

A contract may also impose financial penalties if you want to get out of it before a certain time, so check whether any potential savings would be cancelled out by such costs.

If you’re tied into a deal, make a note of when the lock-in period is about to come to an end and shop around for quotes at that time.

Electricity for large businesses

Corporate electricity

If your business spends more than £100,000 a year on electricity and gas then it’s classed as a large business.

We offer services to help with the unique needs of large businesses.

Understanding P272

Recording business electricity usage more accurately

P272 is an industry term that refers to changes that are being made to certain types of electricity meters.

The changes will allow business electricity suppliers to record energy use more accurately, based on half-hourly consumption data.

A business electricity meter











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