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Easy switching

  • Your simple, hassle-free switch should be complete within 21 days.

Fixed prices

  • Guarantee the cost of business electricity as market prices fluctuate.

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  • Choose from our one-, two- or three-year Fixed Price Energy Plans.


  • Whether you're a small business or multi-national, we have the experience to help.

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How does business electricity pricing work?

How does business electricity pricing work?

Business electricity prices aren't calculated in the same way as domestic ones and plans are set up differently.

The unit price you pay for your business electricity might be cheaper than domestic rates.

That’s because of the amount of energy you use. But most businesses pay a higher rate of VAT than domestic customers.

Business electricity price plans

Are you on the right plan?

Choosing one of our Fixed Price Energy Plans can help you organise your budget as you'll know how much you'll be paying for your electricity.

You may also find that this is the cheapest option, although some businesses may prefer a variable rate electricity price plan.

Electricity for large businesses

Corporate electricity

If your business spends more than £100,000 a year on electricity and gas then it’s classed as a large business.

We offer services to help with the unique needs of large businesses.

Understanding P272

Recording business electricity usage more accurately

P272 is an industry term that refers to changes that are being made to certain types of electricity meters.

The changes will allow business electricity suppliers to record energy use more accurately, based on half-hourly consumption data.

Recording business electricity usage more accurately











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