5 Top Tips to Adapt Your Business for Summer!

Let’s face it. The UK isn’t known for having quite the same summer temperatures as other parts of the world. However, the weather may warm up from time to time and if you only have a few staff then one or two being uncomfortable may have a huge impact on the morale and productivity of the whole workforce. It can be easy to make a few small adaptations within your business to ensure your staff are comfortable, so read on to find our top 5 tips for keeping your staff cool this summer!

1.  Add a Water Cooler

When it’s a bit warmer outside, you want to encourage your staff to drink more water. Consider adding a water cooler where people can go to get a cold glass of water. You will find that many will fill up their own water bottles and take them back to their desk, so you could even add some fruit such as lemon or cucumber that people could use to add a little flavour!

2.  Move the Desks Around

If you have desks clustered too closely together, it can generate heat as everyone starts moving around and talking. With the summer upon us, consider changing the layout of the desks so there’s more space between them. This will not only improve the airflow but also reduce the heat build-up.

3.  Replace Light Fixtures

You may not realise it, but the overhead lights are generating a considerable amount of heat. In the winter this is a great thing, but once the sun starts to peek out it can be problematic. Consider upgrading to LED lights. This is a low-energy option that will also help to cool the working space down considerably, whilst still producing the same levels of light. If you don’t want to upgrade all of the lighting though, consider providing some LED desk lamps to people who need the most light. You could even let your employees pick their own lamps based on their work needs and individual style.

4.  Plug-In Fans

Fans are a great way to cool your employees down and get air circulating more effectively. You can choose to plug in desk-sized fans for everyone individually so that they can control how much air is blowing around them. You may also want to get box fans placed at the entrance. You will be surprised by how you are able to cool down the office with just a little air movement!

5.  Suggest a Casual Friday

Your employees may feel as though they must dress a certain way, which can leave them feeling warm and uncomfortable whilst in the office. A casual Friday may be a great way to help people dress more comfortably so they can deal with some of the warmer weather. You can still set rules, such as collared shirts and closed toed shoes, however the freedom to dress cooler may be just what your employees need.

Although you may not see a big difference when it comes to the temperatures between winter and summer, your employees will notice it on specific days. Particularly when the summer shows up in full effect, people are going to be less productive if they are hot and uncomfortable. It should therefore be your mission to address the comfort levels and make a few adaptations throughout your business.

There are plenty of adaptations that you can make. Even if you’re on a budget, many of the options we have shared won’t cost much and may increase overall productivity. Plus, your employees will be more comfortable and thank you for addressing the heat issues.

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