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How women emerged from the home during WWI

Until the start of the First World War, domestic service was the largest single area of employment for English women - as far as society was concerned their place was still largely in the home. Only about 30% of the country's workforce was female, with the majority of unmarried women working as domestic servants.

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Turning Gas Pipes into Guns

On 3 December 1962, a sulphur-laden fog brought traffic in London to a standstill and sent hospital admissions skyrocketing throughout the country. London. After years in which coal and coke fires had been the staple source of heat in most households, the days of burning coke, were almost over.From 1968, coal couldn't be burnt in city areas.

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New artworks to mark lights out festival for World War One centenary

Today, 4th August, businesses are invited to take part in a nationwide lights out festival to mark 100 years since the start of the First World War. Candlelit vigils will be held across Britain in a shared moment of reflection between 10pm and 11pm this evening.

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