Business energy credits and refunds

To get you to the right place, are you a business or residential customer?

If you're supplied by us and your business gas or electricity bill has a credit balance you may be eligible for a refund. Follow our checklist and complete the form to request a refund.

Why is my business energy account in credit?

Your business energy account will be in credit if you've paid us for more than the energy you've used.

You may have a credit balance on your business energy account if:

  • You've moved business premises
  • You've switched to another energy supplier
  • Your bill has been underestimated
  • Your fixed Direct Debit payments are more than your current energy use

Before requesting a refund, check if the credit balance on your bill is based on an actual meter reading or estimated. If your bill is based on an estimated reading, the credit balance may not be right.

How can I check if the credit balance on my bill is correct?

Take a look at the energy usage on your bill under 'Details of charges'. If it's estimated, you'll see the word 'Estimated' in green.  Give us an up to date meter reading online and we'll update your account and bill.

If your supply is half-hourly metered you don't need to give us a reading as we receive these automatically through your meter.

You can submit your meter reading online or through your online energy account, where you can also set up helpful email reminders when your meter reading is due. You can also view current and previous bills and more. If you don't already have an online account, it's quick and easy to register – just have a bill to hand.

If your credit balance is based on an up to date meter reading (not estimated) you can request a refund. However, if there's an outstanding balance on any other energy accounts you hold with us, we'll use this credit to help pay what you owe.

How do I get a credit refund and how long does it take?

Before requesting a refund, please complete the following checks on your account and any linked accounts.

We can only provide a refund in these circumstances:

  • Your account(s) have all been billed to an up to date meter reading in the last 28 days
  • You have no outstanding balances on other accounts with us
  • The refund amount you're requesting is from payments you've made to the account.
  • If you've moved out of the business premise and the final account is based on an estimation, please provide us with an accurate meter reading, otherwise we will be unable to refund the value for six months.

If you're eligible for a refund, we'll make the payment through the same method you've been using to make payments to us within 10 working days.

Payment method How we refund you
Cash or cheque Cheque
Debit or credit card Send money to your card
Direct Debit BACs
Electronic funds (such as BACs or faster payments) Cheque

Please note:

  • If you have an outstanding balance on any other energy accounts with us, we'll transfer the credit to help pay what you owe
  • If you pay by Fixed Direct Debit, we'll check if your payments are too high for the amount of energy you're currently using and change them if we need to. This won't affect any Direct Debit discount. See more about paying by Direct Debit and how we calculate fixed amounts.
Remember, if you pay by fixed Direct Debit it’s normal for your account to be in credit at certain points of the year as the amount of energy you use may vary. This lets you spread the cost by paying a fixed amount each month and building up a credit to help with the months where you use more energy.

What happens to my credit balance if I move premises or switch energy supplier?

If you're moving business premises

Contact us before you move with details of the new tenant, your new address and a final meter reading. Then we can send you an accurate final bill. If you're half-hourly metered, we'll obtain the consumption data from your meter and use this to send you an accurate final bill.

If you pay by Direct Debit, we'll take the final payment before closing your account. If you've already cancelled your Direct Debit, you'll need to make a final payment. The easiest way to do this is online by credit or debit card.

If your final bill is based on an accurate meter reading and shows a credit balance, we'll send any eligible refund to you automatically.

If you're not supplied by us any more

It you've switched to another energy supplier, they'll ask you for a meter reading on the date your supply starts with them. Your new supplier will then provide us with this meter reading and we'll use it to send you a final bill. If you're half-hourly metered, we'll obtain the consumption data from your meter and use this to send you an accurate final bill.

If your account is in debit when you receive your final fill, you'll need to make a final payment. The easiest way to do this is online by credit or debit card.

I've received a credit note. What should I do?

We issue credit notes to correct the value of a previous bill if:

  • You've moved business premises / change of tenancy
  • Your bill was underestimated or overestimated
  • You've had a meter exchange or removal
  • Your VAT rate has changed
  • Your account details have changed
  • We've changed your prices
  • Your meter reading has changed

When we issue a credit note, we also credit the VAT originally charged (either in full or in part) and adjust the amount of VAT declared to HMRC.

If you've already paid the original bill:

  • We'll credit your account (if you've paid too much)
  • Your balance will be brought forward to your next bill (if you haven't paid enough)

What happens with unclaimed credit balances

If we don't receive an accurate final meter reading to close an account, or a forwarding address following a business move, we may not be able to trace the company to return any money owed.

If you're moving premises soon, don't forget to let us know.

What if I'm owed money by a previous energy supplier?

If you've switched energy supplier without providing a final meter reading, you may have left credit behind. You should get in touch with your old supplier as soon as possible to see if you can claim back any money you're owed. To help speed up the claim process, you may need to provide proof of your identity, the business address that you're claiming for including the postcode and if possible a previous bill and a final meter reading.

Keep your bills accurate with a smart meter

Smart meters are the clever way to measure your business energy use and get accurate bills.

No more estimated bills and no need to take manual meter readings either.

To find out why you should get a Smart meter, see smart meters for business.

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