Product offer terms and conditions

These terms apply to British Gas business product offers

The terms and conditions below apply to specific product offers, in addition to our terms and conditions for business. For details about how we collect and use your personal data, see our privacy policy.

One-off Service & Repair and care

One-off repair terms and conditions (pdf, 583kb) apply

**Price of £23 per month is based on a boiler under 40 kW for a Careplan 3 agreement and will be for your boiler only. The price you'll pay will vary based on business location, and the type and size of the boiler you have.

Repair and Care Terms and conditions (pdf, 308kb). Please read these carefully because exclusions apply. All prices quoted exclude VAT and VAT will be charged at the current rate of 20% in addition of the price. We will complete a first inspection to check the details you’ve provided are correct. If we find any problems during the initial inspection, we may be required to change your contract and you may have to pay an additional cost. If you choose to cancel your contract, we may charge reasonable costs incurred to date and certain cancellation charges will apply including applicable Careplan charges and a cancellation charge of £150 (if you cancel within 12 months of the contract). This is contribution towards costs we have incurred in respect to your repair but not yet recovered.

Price Match  

Offer applies to 1 Year fixed term contracts only.

We will not price match against quotes from energy brokers or price comparison websites.

If the competitor’s estimated yearly bill is lower than that provided in our quotation, we will match the unit rate(s) and standing charge in the 1 Year fixed term contract you agreed with us.   The competitor’s quotation must be valid and have been issued to you within the period up to 5 days before or after the date you agreed your 1 Year fixed term contract with us.

The gas or electricity meter used to generate the contract price must be the same as that identified in the competitor quote. Gas meters have a unique meter point reference (MPR) and electricity meters have a unique meter point administration number (MPAN), if the MPAN or MPR do not match, then the competitor quotation will not be accepted. 

You will need to provide us with written evidence of that competitor’s valid quotation. British Gas retains sole discretion as to what constitutes reasonable proof but examples include, but are not limited to, a URL of a quotation obtained online or a written quotation from a competitor’s sales department.

The quotation provided must be like for like including the same start date, duration, estimated consumption and meter type.


Last updated: September 2020

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