Welcome PFP Energy customers

Sit back, relax and let us take care of everything.

We’re your new energy supplier

When PFP Energy stopped trading on 10th September, the industry regulator, Ofgem, asked British Gas to take over your energy supply. Your switch to British Gas is in progress.

If you need to speak to someone, you can call us on 0333 202 9753 (Direct Debit or quarterly payments) or 0333 202 9691 (Pay As You Go). But please bear in mind that a lot of people are being affected right now, so our lines are very busy. Please help us support our most vulnerable customers by only calling us if it's an emergency.

We’ve created a detailed FAQ page below which answers everything you need. You can also keep coming back here for regular updates.

Our FAQs

PFP Energy British Gas information

  • Last updated: 4.30pm Thursday 21st October
  • Next update: 28 October 2021

Our lines are very busy. We’re prioritising our vulnerable customers, so please don’t call us right now unless it’s an emergency.

PFP Energy general FAQs

PFP Energy business FAQs

What’s happening now - key information

We’re working with PFP Energy to move all your details over to us.

We’ve got in touch with all PFP Energy customers by text, email & letter. If you haven’t heard anything from us yet, please check your email spam folder.

We’re still in talks with the administrators and other parties about customer debts and credit balances – we’ll update this page when we have further information. We expect this could take another four to six weeks.

Contract packs

Your personal contract pack will be coming in the next few weeks. We’re using information provided to us by PFP Energy – so if anything’s not quite right, please wait a bit longer - we’ll be able to update your details soon.

All credit customers are being set up on quarterly bills, which shows as cash/cheque. This means you’re fully in control of your energy costs from the start. See below for information on Direct Debits.

Meter readings

If you haven’t yet, please submit a meter reading to PFP Energy on their website here - this will make sure your final balance is based on your actual energy usage.

We also need a meter reading to set up your new account. If you have a smart meter, we’ll aim to get a reading from your meter directly. If you’ve already submitted one – thanks. If not, just use the button below.

Send us a meter reading

Your online account

Great news – you can register for your online British Gas account, and download our award-winning mobile app.

It’s a great way to stay informed about the progress of your new account. You can see the status of your switch and submit meter readings. When your account is fully set up, you’ll be able to manage your payments and personal information too.

Register for your online account

Direct Debit customers

If you previously paid by Direct Debit, please don't cancel it.  We're aiming to make your switch even smoother by transferring your current Direct Debit over from PfP Energy to us.  

And now your account is nearly set up, we’ll be getting in touch to invite you to set up a Direct Debit. All eligible customers should hear from us over the next month.

Your new tariff

We've created a new variable tariff for you in line with the energy price cap, called Price Promise Apr 2022.  If you’re a Pay As You Go customer, you’re on our affordable Safeguard PAYG tariff.

When your account’s ready, you’ll be able to select a fixed tariff from our great range, allowing you to lock-in the price of your energy, giving you peace of mind.

You find detailed info on your new tariff by looking it up below:

Tariff Information Page

Dual fuel customers

Some customers who had both gas and electricity with PFP Energy have only received a contract pack for one fuel from us so far.

If that’s you, we’re sorry.  Both your energy supplies are covered by British Gas.

There was an issue with the data transfer which we’re aware of now, and we’re catching up on your other fuel – you’ll get your other contract pack through soon. 

Our FAQs

Still have a question about your switch? You can view our detailed FAQs about your transfer from PFP Energy.

Our FAQs

Why stay with British Gas?

We supply gas and electricity to more than 7 million homes and businesses 1  We’ve also been around for 200 years so rest assured we’re here to stay. Plus, all our electricity tariffs are zero carbon as standard.


We pride ourselves on being affordable, fair and completely transparent with our customers. We work hard to create tariffs that are reasonably priced to the public, so that your energy bills are one less thing to worry about. We hope you stay with us and give us the opportunity to meet your needs.

Find out how

Go Green

With zero carbon tariffs and simple ways to save energy, we’re making it easier to do your bit for the environment – every single day.

We can match 100% of the electricity you use with energy from wind and solar power. So you can make a cup of tea or enjoy a movie night in without costing the earth.

Go Green with British Gas


We’ve been rewarding customers with exclusive discounts on things like restaurants and family days out, plus great giveaways like free energy Loyalty Days and Wilbur toys. We also have regular prize draws where you can win tickets to see your favourite acts live at The O2, free holidays and much more.

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Additional information

  1. Source: Centrica Interim Results June 2021.