Welcome Together Energy customers

Sit back, relax and let us take care of everything.

What’s happening now - key information

We've begun applying credits to some customer accounts from 5th May - for other customers we've had some issues with the information we've received and are still validating it before we can apply the credit to your account. You can expect to receive an email or letter from us to confirm when this has been applied - until this happens our agents won't have any more information to share with you. Any credit balance owing is protected and will be honoured. If you are not with British Gas this will take a little longer and we’ll be in touch once this has happened.

Together Energy and Bristol Energy have now started providing final bills - please pay these as soon as possible. We’re still in discussion with third parties about any debit balances on your accounts and will keep this page updated with more information as we receive it.

We're aware some meter reading information is incorrect - we aim to reconcile this data and will ask you if we need more details from you.

We’ve had some problems with the information we’ve received from Together Energy and in some cases haven’t been told that a customer has moved out of their property. Rest assured, you won’t be charged for any energy usage while you did not live at the property.

Together Energy British Gas information
  • Last reviewed: Thursday 11th August
  • Next review: Thursday 18th August

Your transfer to British Gas

When you transfer over to us, we’ll let you know how it’s progressing - below you’ll see the steps that we’ll go through and the communications you’ll receive along the way.

We’ll take care of your energy

  • Welcome to British Gas
  • More information

The first stage of your switch will involve getting you moved over to British Gas. You’ll get welcome communications from us, followed by more information about providing meter readings and what will happen to your Direct Debit payments and your balance from your previous supplier.

We’ll complete the switch 

  • Your contract
  • Confirmation of your customer account
  • Set up your online account

We’ll send you a contract with all your tariff information and confirmation that your energy account is fully set up. This includes your customer reference number, so you can set up a Direct Debit online, once you’ve activated your online account.

Together Energy closing your account

  • Together Energy final bill
  • Set up Direct Debit with British Gas
  • Balance transfer

In the last stage, you’ll get your final bill from Together Energy. If you haven’t already set up a Direct Debit with us, we may be able to transfer it over for you. Once Together Energy have sent us your credit balance, we’ll apply it your account and let you know the amount. In our experience this can take some time.

Direct Debit customers

We’ve begun receiving Direct Debit information from Together and Bristol Energy and are currently transferring them over. We need to check this information before creating your Direct Debit plan. We will be in touch once this has been created and you’ll have the notice from us before any payments are taken.

If you’ve already cancelled your Direct Debit, or you just want to set one up yourself, that’s fine too please follow the link below.

If you set up a Direct Debit with us you'll be sent a statement every six months, twice per year. It therefore may take up to six months for you to receive your first British Gas statement. This does not affect the frequency of your payments.

Set up a Direct Debit

Your online account

If you haven’t already, you can now register for your online British Gas account, and download our award-winning mobile app.

It’s a great way to stay informed about the progress of your new account. You can see the status of your switch and submit meter readings. When your account is fully set up, you’ll be able to manage your payments and personal information too.

Your tariff

We've created a variable tariff for you in line with the energy price cap, it’s called Welcome Together – this ends in March 2023 and we’ll contact you in February to let you know what your options are. If you'd like to change to a fixed tariff, and get peace of mind that your energy prices won't change during your contract, please login to your online account to see what we have available.

If you’re a Pay As You Go customer, you’re on our affordable Safeguard PAYG tariff.

You will find detailed info on your new tariff by looking it up below.

Tariff Information Page

Meter readings and statements

If you were a Together Energy customer, please submit a meter reading to them, either via your customer portal or here - this will make sure your final balance is based on your actual energy usage. If you were a Bristol Energy customer please submit a meter reading via your customer portal.

We’ll also ask you to provide us with a meter reading to make sure that you only pay for the energy you use and that your payment plan is accurate. If we’ve been provided with your email address or telephone number we’ll ask you to provide a meter reading when your bill is due to help you keep on track.

You might also want to make a record of your most recent statement from Together Energy or Bristol Energy and keep it in a safe place. If you can’t find one, a screenshot of your account balance would work well too.

Pay As You Go customers

British Gas payment devices have now been sent out – please make sure you use these as soon as they arrive. Please be aware that British Gas top-ups are available at Payzone and the Post Office. We don’t support PayPoint top-ups.

You might want to start planning now, ready for your new devices arriving. Please click below for more information on top-ups and location details.

Top up locations

Why am I switching to British Gas?

Together Energy and Bristol Energy have stopped trading. The regulator, Ofgem, has appointed us as your supplier. Don’t’ worry, you're in safe hands - you're joining six million customers who trust us to look after their energy.

We really hope you choose to stay with us. If you do want switch away from us, there are no exit fees, but the advice from Ofgem is to wait until your account set up is complete first.

You can find out more from Ofgem below about what happens if your energy supplier goes bust.

View Ofgem’s guide

Need to speak to someone urgently?

If you need to speak to someone - credit customers can call us on 0333 202 95711 and Pay As You Go customers can call us on 0333 202 98451. Our lines are very busy. We’re prioritising our vulnerable customers, so please don’t call us right now unless it’s an emergency.

Still have a question about your switch? You can view our detailed FAQs about your transfer from Together Energy.

Our FAQs

Why stay with British Gas?

We supply gas and electricity to more than 7 million homes and businesses 1  We’ve also been around for 200 years so rest assured we’re here to stay.

There’s more to us than gas and electricity

We’re empowering communities to use energy efficiently, supporting households in need and helping to build skills for a bright future.

Find out how

Go Green

With zero carbon fixed tariffs and simple ways to save energy, we’re making it easier to do your bit for the environment – every single day.

We can match 100% of the electricity you use with energy from wind and solar power. So you can make a cup of tea or enjoy a movie night in without costing the earth.

Go Green with British Gas


We’ve been rewarding customers with exclusive discounts on things like restaurants and family days out, plus great giveaways like free energy Loyalty Days and Wilbur toys. We also have regular prize draws where you can win tickets to see your favourite acts live at The O2, free holidays and much more.

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Additional information

  1. Telephone lines are open Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm.