Problems with my Direct Debit

Need help to understand or change your business energy Direct Debit payments? Find answers to your questions and what you need to do.

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I think my Direct Debit payments are too high

Follow our guides to see why your business energy payments might be higher than you were expecting.

Steps to checking your fixed Direct Debit payments

1. How we work out your payments

We look at your recent energy usage plus any outstanding balance to calculate your fixed Direct Debit payments. For example:

Annual energy usage = £1200
Outstanding balance = £600
Total = £1800
Divided by 12 = monthly payments of £150

2. If your bill shows you're in credit

The amount you pay is the same each month. This means at times you'll be in credit and some months you may use more energy than you’ve paid for.

We review your payments regularly. If you're paying too much or too little, we'll recommend a change to the payment amount. We'll let you know before we make any changes as part of the Direct Debit Guarantee.

3. If you've got estimated bills

If we don't have an up-to-date meter reading, then we base the amount on an estimate of your energy use.

You can avoid estimated bills by giving us regular meter readings.

4. If you're finding it difficult to pay

If you're struggling to keep up with your monthly payments, we may be able to help with paying your energy bills.

Steps to checking your variable Direct Debit payments

1. How we work out your payments

With a variable Direct Debit, you simply pay for the business energy you've used in each billing period. This means the amount you pay will change each time.

2. If your bill shows you’re in credit

Check the meter reading on your bill with the one on your meter. If the reading on your meter is lower, you may be paying for more energy than you’re using. Give us a meter reading online and we'll update your bill.

3. Is a variable Direct Debit right for you?

If your meter readings are accurate, but your bills are high, you could change to a fixed Direct Debit. We'll calculate your annual usage plus any outstanding balance and spread the payments over 12 months. This may help you to budget. You can change your Direct Debit in your online account.

4. If you're finding it difficult to pay

If you're finding it difficult to keep up with your monthly payments, then we may be able to help with paying your energy bills.

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Changing my Direct Debit details

You can change your payment date and bank details, but not the amount.

Changing the payment date

If you pay for your business energy by fixed Direct Debit you can manage the date you pay through your online account. Choose any date between the 1st and 28th of each month.

If you've set up a variable Direct Debit, the date can't be changed. We'll take payment around 10 working days from the date on your bill. This date may change depending on your payment terms.

Changing bank details

If your bank details change, it's easy to let us know using your online account.

Cancelling my business energy Direct Debit

Contact us and we can cancel your Direct Debit or set up a different way for you to pay. But remember, you'll lose your Direct Debit discount and you may pay a higher rate.

You can also cancel through your bank or building society as outlined in the Direct Debit Guarantee.

If you cancel your Direct Debit any remaining balance will be due for immediate payment. The easiest way to make a payment is online.

A late payment charge will be applied if payment is not received by the due date shown on your bill.

If you're leaving us

We'll send you a final bill.

If you're in credit, we can refund it into your bank account. Or we'll arrange a one-off payment for anything you owe us, as long as your Direct Debit is still active. We'll take this between 10-14 working days after we close down your account.

There's something wrong with my Direct Debit

If your Direct Debit was not collected when you expected, or you think the amount was wrong, contact us and we'll investigate this for you. You'll need a copy bill to hand.

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