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What do I need to do before I move out?

If you’re a British Gas business customer and you’re moving out of your business premises, please call us on the day you move out with your:

  • Meter reading
  • A recent bill

We’ll update your account with your meter reading and send you a final bill.

What do I need to do before I move in?

When you move into new premises, the existing energy supplier to the property will put you on an expensive deemed rate, unless you’ve made other arrangements in time.

Even if we supplied energy to your old premises, you'll need a new quote if you want a contract with British Gas business at your new premises.

I'm a residential customer moving into premises you supply on business rates. What do I need to do?

If you’ve moved into premises that are charged on business rates, you’ll need to contact us so we can make the account a residential one. The transfer process usually takes about 21 days to complete. During this time you'll be on our standard domestic tariff, unless you've agreed a contract with us.

How do I pay my final bill?

The easiest way to pay your final bill is by calling us. We’ll calculate your final bill and you can pay the amount with a credit or debit card. We’ll give you an authorisation code for the payment. If you pay by Direct Debit, we’ll also cancel that.

You can also organise final payment by post. If this is how you tell us about your business move, we’ll calculate your final bill and send it to you. You'll need to pay any outstanding balances.  Remember you can make a payment online.

Why have you billed me from a different date to when I moved in/moved out?

We’ll bill you for the period when you’re legally responsible for the energy supply at the premises, which may not be the same as the date when you actually moved in or out.

In some cases the previous occupier, or the occupier’s representative, may have provided some information that may be incomplete, or that may be different to the information you’ve provided.

To help us bill you accurately and resolve any conflicts of information, we may ask for a photograph of your meter read or proof of tenancy e.g. a lease agreement, or a solicitor’s letter.

Why do you need my meter readings?

We use your meter readings to calculate your bill. It means we can charge you for the energy you’ve used, rather than estimating your bill. It also means we can refund any credit balances we may owe you. You should provide us with a meter reading as soon as you stop, or start, being legally responsible for the energy supply at your premises.

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