Getting a quote


How do I get a British Gas business quote?

If you spend more than £300,000 a year on your business energy, we can help you buy and use energy cost-efficiently. Find out more.

Will I need to pay a security deposit?

Not usually, but if you have a poor payment history or credit rating, then we'll ask for an upfront security deposit before we supply any gas or electricity. This amount may vary depending on your circumstances.
We'll refund this if all bills are paid or your credit history improves.

How long will it take to switch to British Gas business?

If you're at the end of your contract and not in debt to your current supplier, it should take 21 days to switch, or you can choose a later start date.
Find out more about the switching process.

Will you look at my credit history?

Yes. We need to make sure all new customers are able to pay for their energy, so we check everyone’s details with credit reference and fraud prevention agencies.
We'll ask for information about you, your business and the directors of your business. If you're making a joint application, you'll need to make sure the other person agrees to us using their information to make these checks.

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