Case study: The Sydney Arms

The Sydney Arms is a large, traditional pub on the fringes of Dorchester town centre. With five staff, long opening hours and appliances on all day, there was plenty of potential to make savings on their energy use. With the help of Business Energy Insight™, they found that replacing some light fittings, swapping other fittings around and upgrading the hand-dryers, made a significant difference to their bottom line.

Location: Dorchester, Dorset
Sector: Hospitality
Floor area: 200 sqm
Staff size: 5

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We're very cost conscious and we need to stay competitive."

Rick Green, owner, The Sydney Arms

Energy usage*

1 Dec 2011 - 29 Feb 2012

Key concerns

Large Victorian building takes a lot to heat

Various appliances and fruit machines

Five bedrooms with TVs and computers


What can we do to cut costs? If we can save on energy, we could bring down the cost of a pint.

Insights & Results

Key insights**

  • Existing halogen spotlights use up to 92% more energy than new LED ones and inefficient strip lighting uses over 20% more energy than T5 tubes.
  • £1,250 could be saved every year by simply replacing old light fittings.
  • Games machines and fridge lighting could be switched off overnight.

What are the savings?

£887 a year***

Or 10% of annual energy consumption.

The last word....****

"We go back to our bottom line all the time: the more money we save, the more we make. That's quite clear to us now. And in future, we hope to make more savings."

Emma Ferguson, The Sydney Arms

* Source: Business Energy Insight™ report for The Sydney Arms, 1 December – 29 February 2012.

** Source: The Sydney Arms Energy Audit Report produced by Utilitywise Ltd on 19 January 2012. Company profile information provided by Utilitywise Ltd.

*** Savings obtained from monitoring consumption data over a minimum period of 40 days and modelled over a 12 month period. Financial savings based on an estimated average p/kWh. Calculated savings are liable to differ under alternative monitoring periods.

**** Source: Taken from transcript of interview conducted with The Sydney Arms.

Real business case studies - The Sydney Arms