These are the top 10 questions our customers ask us.

When we move, can we still keep our existing prices?

The contract we have with you is for your business at a specific premise. When you move, it isn’t possible to transfer prices to your new premises. We have to close your old account and we’ll quote you new prices for your new premises.



I’m a residential customer moving into premises you supply on business rates. What do I need to do?

You’ll need to contact us so we can transfer the account into a residential one. Normally the transfer process takes about 21 days to complete. During this time you’ll be on our Standard Domestic Tariff, unless you’ve agreed a contract with us.   


Will I need to set up a new contract if I change my business name, even if I’m staying in the same premises?

Yes, if you change the legal entity of your business e.g. if it changes from being a sole trader to a limited company. Our contract to supply energy is a legally binding contract with your business, so if the legal entity changes you’ll need to tell us. We’ll close your existing account and open a new one for the new business entity. 


How do I pay my final bill?

If you call us, we can calculate your final bill while you’re on the phone.  We’ll apply any credits or refunds to your account so that you can pay the final amount due with a credit or debit card. This will close your account completely. 

If you pay by Direct Debit, we’ll stop that too, so you won’t have to contact us again. To confirm the payment, we’ll give you an authorisation code and we’ll send you a final bill for your records.

If you tell us about your business move online, or in writing, we’ll calculate your final bill and post it to you for payment. You’ll need to stop your Direct Debit payments if you have any set up.

Regardless of how you contact us, remember to give us your final meter read so we can calculate your actual energy use and not give you an estimated final bill. And don’t forget to give us your forwarding address to make sure you get the final bill for your records.


How can I pay the bill before seeing the invoice? 

We’ll calculate the final balance while you’re on the phone and will send you an email copy of the bill. 

We can then call you back, to take the final payment for the final amount due with a credit or debit card. After the payment has been made, we’ll give you an authorisation code confirming the payment. And if you have any Direct Debits set up, we’ll close those too.  Finally, we’ll send you a paper copy of your final bill for your records.


I’m not sure if I want British Gas to be my energy supplier, so why do you need my name on the account?

When you move into new premises that we supply, you automatically enter into a ‘deemed’ contract with us and go on to our ‘deemed’ rates, as you’re ‘deemed’ to have taken the energy supply from us. Deemed rates are variable rates and are higher than our fixed price, fixed term rates.  

Naturally we’d like to give you a quote for a fixed price contract for 1, 2 or 3 years, so you can benefit from our lower prices and avoid price changes for the length of your contract.

If you want to switch your energy supply to another provider, to make the switching process as smooth as possible, we need to understand who took legal responsibility for the energy supply at the premises and on what date. 



Why do you need my meter readings?

We use your meter readings to calculate your bill.  It means we can bill you for the energy you’ve used, rather than estimating your bill. It’s best that you provide us a meter reading as soon as you stop, or start, being legally responsible for the energy supply at those premises. 


Why have you asked me to give you the contact details of the incoming occupant or landlord?

As we supply energy to the premises, we need to know who is legally responsible for the energy supply at the premises so we can contact them. If you’re selling a property your solicitor may be able to provide this information.


Why am I still being billed for a premise I’ve moved out of?

It’s because your account is still open at those premises. 

We can only close the account, after you’ve told us you are no longer legally responsible for the premises, and when you’ve paid the final bill or received any credits to your account. If you’re still being billed, please contact us, so we can help you close the account.


Why have you billed me from a different date to when I moved in/moved out?

We’ll bill you from the date you start, or stop, being legally responsible for the energy supply at the premises and not the date you actually move in or out.

In some cases the previous occupier or the occupier’s representative, may have provided some information that may be incomplete or be very different to the information you have provided. To help us bill you accurately, and resolve any conflicts of information, we may ask for a photograph of your meter read or proof of tenancy e.g. a lease agreement, or a solicitor’s letter.



What do I need to do before I move out?

Before you move out, you’ll need to send us your final meter reading(s) along with a forwarding address for future contact.