From the deserts of the Gulf States to the wilds of the North Sea, raw materials are constantly being explored, extracted and transported home to use as energy by businesses like yours.

But the journey from source to customer is complicated and increasingly unpredictable – and this affects the price.

Here's just a flavour of the elements and suppliers involved in bringing energy to your door.

1. Producers

Producers manage the process of finding and extracting raw materials to generate large amounts of energy.


2. Transporters

Transporters include global shipping businesses as well as pipeline specialists from Siberia, the Gulf and beyond.


3. Suppliers

Energy suppliers are the main providers of your gas and electricity – the companies, like British Gas, who send you a bill.


4. Brokers

Some businesses choose to use third parties called brokers to help them compare their current deals with those of other suppliers. They can help to remove the 'hassle' of switching suppliers.


5. Customers

The final link in the energy chain – millions of homes and businesses nationwide.



The energy market in Britain is overseen by Ofgem, the Office of the Gas and Electricity Markets.
Ofgem's job is to promote competition between suppliers and regulate the companies that run the gas
and electricity networks.

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