There's something wrong with my business energy bill

If you have a billing query, or you think your bill is incorrect, see below for some of the possible reasons and what to do in each case.

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My energy bill is too high or low

The address, name or other details on my bill are incorrect

I've received an unexpected back bill

I’ve received a credit note. What should I do?

My previous payments are not showing on my bill

My energy bill is too high or low

If you think your bill is too high or low, first check:

  • Whether your bill is estimated. Your bill will say if it's based on an estimated reading
  • The dates on the bill, especially if there's been a recent change of tenancy
  • That the meter serial number on the meter matches the one on the bill
Estimated Bills

If we've estimated your bill, then this could be why it is different to what you expected.

An estimated bill is when we estimate the amount of energy we think you’ve used based on your previous usage.

Send us an up-to-date meter reading. Depending on when we get your meter reading, we'll either adjust and resend your current bill or make sure the meter reading is taken into account on your next bill.

Submit a meter reading

You can avoid estimated bills by asking us to fit a smart meter in your business. You can log into your online account and request one:

Log in to request a smart meter
Checking your last meter reading

If your bill isn't an estimate then it will include the meter reading we used to work out your bill.

If you're having trouble finding this check our help to understand your bill.

To check the accuracy of your bill, take a new meter reading and compare this to the one that was used to calculate your most recent bill.

If the readings are similar and you're sure that your business has not significantly changed its energy usage, then your meter could be faulty. You'll need to contact us get this fixed as your bill won't reflect the energy you’ve actually used.

If the readings are not similar and there is a big difference between your bill and the new meter reading, then we might have billed you for the wrong meter or you may have previously given us an inaccurate meter reading.

If you may have given us a wrong meter reading, then submit a new meter reading to us online.

Or contact us to check you've been billed for the right meter.

The address, name or other details on my bill are incorrect

If your bills are going to the wrong business address or if any of your details shown on your bill are incorrect, then please contact us and we'll update our records.

I've received an unexpected back bill

Back billing is a 'catch up' bill that is sent to you if you haven't been correctly charged for your business energy usage.

Read more about back billing and how we can help.

I've received a credit note. What should I do?

We issue credit notes to correct the value of a previous bill. This can be for a number of reasons.

Find out more about business energy credits and refunds and what to do.

My previous payments are not showing on my bill

You can view the last 12 months of bills and account transactions through your online account.

If you're not set up yet, it only takes two minutes to register – have a bill to hand for easy registration.

If you've recently sent us a payment and this appears on your bank statement, it might not have cleared on to your account before your bill was sent out.

If you're not sure whether your payment has been received, please contact us.

For more information on how your bill is calculated, visit How Billing Works

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