Commercial air conditioning service and repair

Complete air conditioning service for your business from £129 excl VAT

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Commercial air conditioning maintenance

A British Gas engineer services a business air conditioning unit

Our expert team offers

  • Servicing to keep your air conditioning units running effectively
  • Refcom-certified engineers
  • Repair recommendations


Your air conditioning service will include

  • Wash and dry air filters
  • Inspect and clean coils (indoor and outdoor units)
  • Clean the condensate pan and drain, ensuring the drainpipe is properly attached
  • Check the water loops connections and refrigeration circuit for leaks
  • Monitor the integrity of electrical wiring and terminals
  • Undertake a return to service check
  • Test the date and time controls
  • Externally clean and assess the unit
  • Oil the fan and rotor bearings (where appropriate) and check for wear
  • Look for refrigerant leaks and stop any existing ones
  • Provide F-Gas Certification and, when necessary, waste transfer notes

An air conditioning service of two units can usually be completed within two hours, in one visit.

A British Gas business engineer climbs a ladder to inspect and service air conditioning in an office’s ceiling space
Commercial air conditioning service costs

Commercial air conditioning service costs

Unit-based pricing

Our prices for commercial air conditioning are based on the number of pieces of equipment you’d like us to maintain.

The cheapest price is for two units (£129 excl VAT) – that’s the minimum you’ll have, as there’ll be one internal air conditioning unit and one external one.

Benefits of a regular service

Annual services are recommended

Annual servicing should help to keep your business’ air conditioning system running smoothly and efficiently. This can:

  • Increase the life of your air conditioning system
  • Reduce running costs
  • Ensure warranties remain valid
  • Keep your staff and customers comfortable
A business air conditioning unit