Business gas safety

It’s your duty as a business and employer to stay safe with gas – we can help


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Your business gas safety responsibilities

The Gas Safety (Installation & Use) Regulations 1998

A smiling British Gas engineer conducts a business gas safety check on a commercial boiler

“It’s the duty of every employer or self-employed person to ensure that any gas appliance, installation pipe work or flue installed at any place of work under their control is maintained in a safe condition so as to prevent risk or injury to any person.”

Business gas safety checks

You’ll need a Gas Safe registered engineer

A business gas safety check is an inspection or service of your commercial gas appliance or boiler by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

They’ll check your appliance to make sure it’s running safely and efficiently.

How we can help with business gas safety

Gas Safe registered engineers

  • A nationwide team of certified engineers offering emergency repairs and more.

24/7 support line

  • You can contact our 24-hour customer support line 365 days a year.

Gas Safety certificates

  • Documentation for businesses and landlords that shows systems have been maintained.

Business Care

  • Get an annual service and peace of mind with Business Care.

Look after your gas appliances with Business Care

Annual service and more

You can choose the level of support you need from our expert engineers, from a one-off annual service to a range of ongoing maintenance contracts.

Such products can include:

  • A safety inspection of your meter and of all visible pipework
  • A tightness test on your entire gas installation
  • Annual boiler service
  • Gas Safety certificates


Our annual services are available for a wide range of appliances. 

Heating and hot water appliances

  • Including boilers, water heaters, air heaters, space heaters and wall heaters.

Catering equipment

  • Including ovens, steamers and grills.

Laundry equipment

  • Including gas irons and gas tumble dryers.

Multi-appliance discount

Multi-appliance discount

If you have more than one gas appliance in your business premises, then we can look after them all. Each additional gas appliance you ask us to include will earn its own discount.

Top tips for business gas safety

A British Gas business engineer pins a written list to a noticeboard

Stay on top of safety and maintenance

  • Appliances should be serviced annually
  • All services, installations and repairs should be carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer
  • Keep a record of any work that’s done
  • Replace your CO alarms every five-to-seven years
  • Consider a service plan if your business relies on heating or gas appliances

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